I've read your book...
- What a little belter!
- A great example to many of your fellow authors: so much accessible wisdom in such a conveniently small package is almost unheard of - and that's from a business book afficionado whose library includes many a part-read tome!

What an executive from Serco says about us:

The course was incredibly helpful. For me, you really helped with the formatting and pitch of a speech, as well as being aware of my body language. There are some courses that you enjoy attending, but canít really recall the content once a few months have passed. Due to your effective delivery style, the Public Speaking course is one of the few courses where I have been able to apply the lessons learned during and afterwards on a constant basis, so thank you again

What one of the directors of IP Group plc says about us:

You are going to be in such demand for your presentation courses if I have anything to do with it.

What Anne Ward, Proprietor, Blue Violet says about us:

Brian Robinson is hugely effective at communicating his wealth of knowledge, combining delivery of rock-solid tips on how to structure a speech or presentation with an awareness of common fears associated with giving presentations and just the right balance of humour. Every minute of his seminar was worth listening to. Try one for yourself!

What A Company Director says about us:

Your day session was the most beneficial intervention/training I have experienced in my six years with this company.
It has done wonders for my confidence in a presenting situation.
Thank you

What a CEO who came on a group course. says about us:

Brian is a maverick genius.

What Barclays Bank plc says about us:

The blend of discussion, activity and review that Brian uses has helped me to improve my speaking skills. Probably more importantly, working with Brian has increased my confidence leading up to and during events.

What SurfControl says about us:

Brian is clearly one of the best.

What Graham Trill, CEO, Swiss Life (UK) Group plc says about us:

My day with Brian gave me renewed confidence to stand up in front of large groups of people, which has helped me greatly in the last couple of years.

What Instranet says about us:

- Exactly what I needed
- Informative and expertly delivered

What British Biotech says about us:

I found our day together very enjoyable. Brian's analysis of what makes a talk memorable, and how to structure one with this objective in mind, was very useful; the techniques we ran through (supplemented at the end of the day by the manual) were valuable reference points, and I thought that he adopted the right, informal tone for a day's coaching.

What Institute of Directors says about us:

If you want to be able to speak without notes, without worrying and without messing up, Brian Robinson is your man. He can help you to speak with confidence, wih panache and with authority.

What Kwik Fit Financial Services says about us:

After a day with Brian I felt I had overcome all my fears. It is now just a case of doing it and the course has told me I can!

What Isis Asset Management says about us:

There is no doubt that that was one of the best training days I have ever attended and everything that I learned and developed will be put to very good use.

What Soho Studios says about us:

I wanted to say a big thank you because your method works. I know it does because it has completely changed the way I approach 'public speaking' and more importantly my delivery.