What do I do?

Short answer? I help with all forms of oral communication.

Public Speaking — yes, of course, that’s my core business. And it encompasses everything from the big Keynote at a conference, to the five-minute investor pitch (actually I’ve done a huge amount of the latter — in some circles I’m known as Mr Pitch).

Perhaps my hallmark is the way I tear paper out of people’s hands. You don’t need a script: no one needs a script — I’ve proved it countless times. Audiences love it when people simply talk empty handed with them. It conveys all the right messages of sincerity, confidence, command of the subject, etc. And it’s easy.

I also overflow into all areas of broadcasting. People consult me on … oh, you name it! I do big seminars, little groups and one-on-one coaching.

I have recently been guiding a quite well-known podcaster.

Since I began my blog, Rhetauracle, in 2012, I have gained an international following. Today I actually do most of my coaching by Skype or FaceTime. At all hours I am to be found talking to business people around the world. For instance, I am proud to have helped many brave micro start-ups in sub-Sahara Africa, and then fondly watched them grow. I have the best job in the world.

Can I help you? It’s easy to find out. Contact me at .

Auracle offers a range of public speaking training services
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