Auracle’s range of services

Public Speaking Training

Whether coached individually or in a group, your own particular individual needs are paramount. I do not attempt to create clones. Nor do I deal in artificial (ie unsustainable) veneers. I build the most effective part of you.

I cover the whole spectrum of speaking, from Business Pitches and Beauty Parades, through addressing large conferences, client presentations, motivating your team, wedding and after-dinner speeches, etc.

The course, tailored to you, includes two essential ingredients… ‘over-challenge’ and enjoyment. I will push you further than you need to make what you need seem easy, and the fun you have in the process will make you eager to practise what you have learnt. Most importantly I give you the mind-set that puts you in control.

The standard course typically lasts between about 4 hours for an individual up to 6 hours for groups; and it can be conducted in one session or divided into two parts depending upon your time demands. Roughly half the time is spent upon theory, which is principally concerned with preparation of material. The rest of the time consists of videoed practical exercises where together we watch, analyse and develop your strengths.

Auracle offers bespoke training courses

You subsequently receive a DVD, which amounts to a ‘potted course’, consisting of your video footage taken during the practical session, interspersed with my guidance reiterated (and occasionally enhanced). This is your continuous improvement map.

We also deliver seminars, master classes and a range of specialised packages.

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